Youth in leadership skills to promote Community hygiene and environmental protection

Kera is a student at state university of New York(SUNY-Geneseo). She was interested in working with the youth to ensure the growth and development of their leadership skill in supporting their communities to improve their hygiene and sanitation. She had her internship at Masese child development centre with close support from FSD Staff team.

Masese child development centre is engaged in holistic child growth and youth development and it engages with 202 youth aged 12-21 years. The centre prepares the youth to meet their challenges of adolescence and adulthood as well.

During Kera’s engagement with the youth at Masese, the youth along with Kera thought of an idea of starting a club that will act as a platform through which the youth at Masese can be empowered with leadership skills for community transformation. The club was named, “Kera cares club.” The club assessed the needs of the communities around Masese and found out that there was a challenge of solid waste disposal, poor personal and community hygiene.

Kera together with the other club members went ahead to sensitize the community members and get them involved in the cleaning of the environment. Their goal was to ensure these communities adapt proper sanitation and hygiene habits to avoid the spread of diseases. They also involved the local leaders who introduced them to the communities that had extreme challenges of sanitation. This was the best opportunity for the youth to put to use of their leadership skills to engage the community members of these communities to get involved in cleaning up their community. It was also the other way to ensure the sustainability of their work.

Through out the leadership training sessions, and the community sensitization experiences, the youth at Kera Cares Club were able build their confidence and improve on their leadership skills. The youth also took an initiative to start making liquid soap which communities would use in the cleaning of their community. The idea behind the innovation was to enable the club raise funds from selling the liquid soap so as finance other activities of the club.

By the end of Kera’s internship project with the youth at Masese, the community members had learnt the health benefits of cleaning up their own environment. The youth are committed to expanding the project to communities whose sanitation and hygiene challenges are persistent.



Project Intern: Kera Franceschini - State University of New York(SUNY-Geneseo)

Partner Organization : Masese Child Development Center (Masese CDC)