Access to quality education - Nakanyonyi Primary School


Social Issue.

Nakanyonyi Primary School is located in Jinja District, Bugembe Town Council in Bukwale Village. The school was established by community in 1960’s and currently it’s the only Universal Primary Education (UPE) School in Nakanyonyi Parish. The Primary School has an incredibly high enrollment with a total population of 2563 pupils, of which 58% are females. However, the school lacks the infrastructure and resources to sustain its pupils. It only has 19 classrooms, which means it has a ratio of 134 pupils per classroom compared to the government recommended standard of 55 pupils per classroom. With larger class sizes, pupils often fail to concentrate because it is hard for teachers to prevent distractions, which results in poor learning retention and failed exams.


Project Description.

KORD is planning to complete a 2-classroom block but seeking an FSD intern to help with the rehabilitation of 5 classroom blocks. The intern would be asked to lead tasks such as:

  • painting 5 classroom blocks

  • repairing verandahs for 3 classroom blocks

  • replacement of iron sheets on 3 leaking classrooms

  •  fitting windows on 2 classrooms

 Being the only UPE school in Nakanyonyi Parish, we expect the population to continue increasing. Thus its urgently necessary to improve on the classroom structures to avoid accidents and protect students’ safety. Most importantly there is need to de-congest the classroom population for better learning and for health purposes.


Community Impact.

With the intern’s help, the outcomes for the community and the students will be enormous. It’s anticipated that the project will improve on the learning environment at the school, allowing teachers to give more time to their students. The project will improve grades in the short and long run and decongest classrooms for effective learning. It will also protect the students’ safety and security.


Student profile.

A student with any education background with a passion in community development can take on any of the projects above as will be supported by the school development committee and KORD Engineer.


Description of Community Partner.

Kakira Out growers Rural Development Fund (KORD) is an innovative partnership between Kakira Sugar Limited (KSL) and Busoga Sugarcane Growers Association (BSGA).

KSL and BSGA are pioneering KORD as a new model of Corporate Social Responsibility focused on building a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship with the community served by KORD. The KORD model of partnership promotes community development and accountability through the involvement of both KSL and sugarcane farmers in annual financial contributions to the KORD fund.

The Vision of KORD is to realize Kakira sugarcane farming community’s well being that betters the national average, and the Mission is to improve the quality of life of the community within a 50 km radius of KSL by improving household income and managing funding for projects that facilitate access to social-economic services.

 The KORD objectives/activities include but not limited to;

  • Health initiatives (sensitizations on HIV/AIDS and malaria prevention, reproductive health, partnerships to enable vulnerable households access free HIV treatment and rehabilitation/construction of health facilities according to need),

  • Education services (facilitating 200 vulnerable children access formal education annually, skills for life/apprenticeship program, construction / rehabilitation of classroom blocks and schools science laboratories)

  • Delivering environmental, water and sanitation community livelihood projects tailored to meet community needs,

  • Facilitate access to credit for sugarcane farmers and vulnerable households,

  • Rehabilitation of community feeder roads to access markets and other services, and

  • Care and support for orphans and vulnerable children - OVC (food and nutrition interventions, child protection and legal support, economic strengthening of OVC households, psycho-social support and basic care services.