Training Community Facilitators in Basic safe motherhood survival skills. – Jinja, Uganda (Safe Motherhood Project).

Social Issue

Since 2008, Masese CDC has been engaged in holistic child and youth development. The organization noticed the increased infant and child mortality rate due to health challenges women face while giving birth. Due to many challenges associated women and their children below the age of three years, the organization saw it fit to start up, ‘The Survival program.” Survival program exists to rescue, nature and disciple children below the age of 3 years. Its major focus is to ensure that babies do not die prematurely. The program ensures that they attain good recommended health standards that facilitate proper holistic child development. This is achieved through ensuring: good feeding, breast feeding, immunization, family planning and safe motherhood. Implementation of the survival program started in October 2017. Nonetheless, access to health foods and good nutrition remain an issue.

Worldwide, women often play a pivotal role in raising children, caring for household members and running the home, in addition to their jobs outside the home; Women suffer an even greater physical, social, emotional, and mental burden within and outside the home. From the beginning of her lifetime, a girl child is given lower priority than a male child. Owing to limited family income, girls have limited opportunities to formal education and are feed the least. Girls are more susceptible to malnourishment leading to a weaker immune system and a greater chance of ill health.

The organization seeks to:

  1. Sensitize family heads on the roles in promoting good health practices

  2. Empower women and improve on their health status.

  3. Encourage people to maintain good health practices.


Project Description

The intern is requested to help strategize ways to best engage caregivers as the focal point. The student will begin by conducting a community assessment with the care group mothers to identify the strengths and gaps of the program. From the assessment, the student along with the host organization and community members will come up with strategies or approaches of how Masese can strengthen the program and achieve its goals. This will include better paths to identify women in need of improving their healthcare and the welfare of their families. The goal is to build a team of dedicated caregivers that will be a center of reference or role models in the Walukuba sub-county as change agents of their families for community development in areas of hygiene, health status, and Gender equality.


Community Impact

The intern will have meaningful engagement with mothers, community workers/members and health care units regarding gender and women empowerment, safe motherhood, good family and healthcare practices.


Intern Requirements

Intern participants are expected to have a background experience in social work and community development. This involves being able to engage families to adapt to good health practices to meet proper safe motherhood standards. It is also beneficial if the student has experience in counseling and capacity building for health programs that meet community needs.


Description of Community Partner

Masese Child Development Centre (Masese CDC) is a faith based Christian Organization working with Children, Youths (0-21 years old), mothers of 0-2 Years and caregivers to the youth. We reach out to the needy children and youths in the community. Most caregivers in this community are not able to meet the basic development needs of their children. This has resulted in drug abuse, family breakdown, early pregnancies and marriages, and high prevalence of HIV/AIDs, orphans. 6% of the population aged 10 to 17 years are in child labor. 15% of youths aged 18-30 years are neither working nor at school according to 2014 National population census of Jinja East constituency.

Masese CDC started in 2008 with young children who have now become youths. They now have 128 children and 202 youths that they engage in holistic child and youth development programs. They also have a program of pregnant mothers and children below one year to help them thrive. The organization is at crucial time when we need a process by which the powerless will get greater control over circumstances in terms of ideology and resources.