Capacity enhancement of portfolio and deliquency management or a savings association of WGDs

 Project Summery:

Women and Girls with Disabilities-WGDs are discriminated and excluded from employment and economic opportunities, and are among the poorest in their communities. They live in conditions of long-term poverty, and lack access to basic services such as education, employment and healthcare. The lack of access to vital services and programs contributes to their marginalization and exclusion, perpetuating a cycle of poverty.Financial service providers and employers are hesitant to take on WGDs even when they qualify for the job.

Our community organization IDIWA established the Iganga Disabled People’s Saving and Credit Cooperative (IDP-SACCO) to address these challenges.  The IDP – SACCO is currently providing financial services to about 1,000 People with Disabilities- (PWDs), with 75% of the clients being WGDs.  This project seeks to strengthen the capacity and sustainability of the IDP – SACCO, to enhance the economic independence and improve the livelihoods of Women and Girls with Disabilities in Iganga District, Uganda.

Project Description:

The project involves the designing and implementation of innovative solutions to strengthen the effectiveness of the IDP-SACCO.  This will include two training, monitoring and evaluation of the IDP SACCO activities and media briefing and networking.  The training will be (i) a five days training on portfolio and delinquency management plus(ii) a five days training on resource mobilization for IDP-SACCO Board and staff members. The field monitoring and evaluation will beon-going,andthe media briefing and networking event will be the climax of the project.

Overall,the Volunteer/Intern will have an opportunity to interact with community members and learn about disability, culture and economic activities in the project area. He/she will design the selection criteria forms, draft press releases, and engage the media on promoting positive attitudes towards Women and Girls with Disabilities.

Community Impact.

The project will support the IDP-SACCO to develop an effective institutional sustainability. It will enhance the skills of IDP – SACCO members in utilizing effective systems and strategies for loan management.  As a result, the WGDs (main clients of the IDP SACCO) will efficiently run their small-scale business, earn income from sale of products and make saving with IDP-SACCO.  This will eventually increase the IDP- SACCO working capital and the loan portfolio to reach out to more WGDs. The project has a multiplier effect and is scalable; beneficiaries will pass on the skills learnt to other members in their households and communities on a voluntary basis.

 Intern/Volunteer Requirements: 

The successful Intern/volunteer should have a background of Social Sciences, Social Work and Social Administration, Development Studies, Education or financial studies with good interpersonal skills, and ability to work and lead a team.English language is preferred for communication, and IDIWA staff or any other person from the community will do translation of local language.You will be required to submit a CV as well as go through a phone interview for the vetting process before your placement is confirmed. 

Description of community partner:

Integrated Disabled Women Activities -IDIWA is an indigenous voluntary, not for profit non-Governmental Organization established in 2000 by women of different disability categories including physical and sensory disabilities together with parents of children with disabilities from Iganga District. The establishment of IDIWA came out of realization that women and girls with disabilities face heightened discrimination on account of gender and disability. They are among the poorest in their communities and efforts to address their plight are hindered by lack of coordination and sufficient information. This necessitated the birth of IDIWA to design self -help community-based development programs for women and girls with disabilities in Uganda.