Creating awareness and the practice of proper hygiene and hand washing at critical times among primary school children.

Project Summary:

The Health and Hygiene Education Internship project in Uganda covers Public Health campaigns to enhance awareness and the practice of proper hygiene and hand washing at critical times among primary school children and their families. In addition, the project provides education on menstrual hygiene in primary schools.

In Uganda, hygiene and sanitation is of critical concern for especially young children's health. Many children and families lack basic understanding of hygiene, including hand washing, water and sanitation, and menstrual hygiene for adolescent youth. This has far reaching Public health consequences. Most of the children are exposed to serious health hazards like contaminated food and water, which leads to diarrheal diseases outbreaks like typhoid, among others. This is mostly attributed to community ignorance or lack of education about some basic health elements. A greater majority of the Ugandan population have very limited knowledge about how to handle some simple hygiene and sanitation issues which eventually leads to dire consequences including affecting Primary school education outcomes.

Project Description:

The Busoga Trust community organization is planning to implement a campaign to enhance awareness and the practice of proper hygiene and hand-washing at critical times among primary school children. In addition, Busoga Trust wants to provide education on menstrual hygiene in primary schools. The campaign will involve listening to and gathering input from youth, teachers, and other stakeholders about these issues. Information gathered will be integrated in the campaign to ensure a sustainable and effective strategy to tackling hygiene and sanitation education. The Intern/Volunteer together with the Busoga Trust community will come up with interactive methods and use the methods on a project that will create awareness in a way that leads to behavior change. The project is expected to be environmentally and culturally appropriate to further spearhead the campaign in all Busoga Trust areas of operation.

The internship/volunteer experience will help you to build your career while having a lasting impact on the people in the community of your placement. You will learn about the hygiene and sanitation situation in Uganda and the challenges the local communities encounter in addressing these issues. You will contribute to the Global health and Sustainable Development goals by providing an extra pair of hands on local projects; and gain hands-on experience of the real Sustainable Public Health interventions and approaches of Ugandan communities, while making friends and exchanging cultural differences.

Community Impact:

The Busoga Trust targeted community will acquire skills and knowledge of preventing serious health hazards caused by poor hygiene. The rate of disease outbreak will considerably reduce after your intervention with the community organization.

Skills Required

Health sciences, Sociology, Medical, Biology, and Nursing, Public health or similar related fields are able to apply to this Health and Hygiene Education Internship project Uganda. An interest in water and sanitation and a background in education or training are highly desirable. You will be required to submit a CV as well as go through a phone interview for the vetting process before your placement is confirmed.

General location information:

The local community organisation you will work with is Busoga Trust. Busoga Trust is a water development organization. It exists to contribute to poverty eradication through timely delivery of services that improve the life of communities, specifically sustainable safe water with adequate sanitation, in collaboration with other development partners. Busoga trust offices are located in Jinja town; however, the organization’s operational areas are rural communities in and around Jinja District and beyond..



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