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FSD Jinja-Uganda head office is located in Jinja Eastern Uganda. Jinja is the second largest town and commercial center in Uganda with roughly 90,000 people and a major commercial rail connection to Kenya and the Indian Ocean. Located on the shores of Lake Victoria and at the headwaters of the Nile, Jinja boasts beautiful surroundings and thriving agriculture due to abundant water access. It’s complex history, diverse environment, and tourism industry attracts visitors and researchers from all over the world. At the same time, Jinja suffers widespread poverty, unaffordable water and energy supplies, and inadequate healthcare and educational services. FSD Jinja-Uganda partners with locally-led organizations rooted in the surrounding rural communities that have limited access to basic services and economic opportunities. Many of these organizations provide micro-finance and capacity-building support to marginalized individuals, such as women, people with disabilities, and at-risk youth, to develop and sustain small business in order to source their own income. Organizations also address water and health issues.

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FSD Jinja-Uganda provides opportunities for students and professionals to engage in structured community development work. The programs are designed to help build careers while having lasting impact on the people in the community which is served

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