Economically empowering Lukolo farmers through out of season farming

During the GESI program in Uganda, the intern’s motivation to apply was driven by a strong passion for community-driven sustainable development initiatives. They aimed to create a positive impact and gain practical experience in addressing challenges faced by underserved communities. The project’s primary objective was the economic empowerment of the Lukolo farming community through a […]

Creating income generation opportunities for 30 vulnerable women in Tongolo Community

The GESI interns on the SustainMe team noted various reasons for pursuing the program. Among these included desires to be culturally immersed in a region often overlooked by study abroad programs; to apply the concepts of sustainable development taught in the classroom on the ground; to see the interplay of culture, community, and development work […]

Improving cooking methods at St. Teresa Primary School while saving the environment for sustainable supply of nutritious school meals year-round.

When the thought of applying for summer 2022 internships crossed her mind, the Intern’s advisors had suggested she apply for the Geneseo Student Ambassadorship Awards, which select a handful of students to receive grants to create their own community-based projects. Having had interest in studying abroad since high school, this program, which is offered as […]

Empowering grandmothers in proper hygiene management and business skills

Audrey application to FSD’s virtual internship program was motivated by her will to: broaden her understanding of development challenges outside of the United States, gain grassroots communities experience, and learn to tailor projects to local needs. Audrey worked with a group of grandmothers in a small village of Kyriowa; during her community assessment, they shared and compared their perspectives on communicable diseases and hygienic habits. A recurring suggestion was simply to purchase more soap, yet Audrey found this solution unsustainable in the long-term. So, forming a team from St […]

Education on Menstrual Hygiene Management

Elizabeth participated in the virtual internship program with the hope to gain some international working experience for the very first time. Her goal was to learn about a new culture while also gaining skills to carry into future career endeavors. Through working with a nongovernmental organization abroad, experience working on a sustainable development project was […]

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