Immerse yourself in sustainable community development, empower local communities, and gain a global perspective – all through our internship program!

We offer flexible start dates and customizable programs to fit your schedule and interests.

Application Procedure

Our application process is designed to be smooth and informative

1. Choose Your Path

Explore our internship program types and find the perfect fit for your goals. The internship program has a dedicated application form linked below, making it easy to get started!

2. Connect With Us

After submitting your application, we'll schedule an interview to discuss your ambitions for this experience. It's a chance for us to learn more about you and ensure your expectations are met.

3. Make a Difference

Following acceptance, we'll place you with a host organization or an FSD local host community that aligns perfectly with your internship interests. Get ready to dive in and make a real impact!

Internship Program Application

Start your journey as a change maker in the international development world! Apply now through our application form

Program Fees

Explore our programs in sustainable community development, community empowerment, and global learning! We offer flexible start dates to fit your schedule, so you can begin making a difference when you’re ready. ? Click the link below to access our program fees structure

Program Highlights

Empower yourself to create lasting change! Our programs equip you with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Become a Sustainable Development Champion: Gain a deep understanding of sustainable community projects and what makes them thrive.
  • Unlock Community Potential: Discover the power of grassroots development where communities lead the way. Learn to see communities as reservoirs of untapped potential, even amidst challenges.
  • Embrace Cultural Fluency: Develop the skills to navigate diverse cultural environments with respect and adaptability. Integrate seamlessly and contribute meaningfully.
  • Design for Impact: Equip yourself with the tools to design sustainable development projects that make a real difference.
  • Measure Success: Master the art of monitoring and evaluating projects, using both qualitative and quantitative data, to ensure lasting impact.

Alumni Experiences

Application Inquiry

Do you have any inquiries about applying for any of our internship program, we are happy to help