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By confirming your participation with FSD Jinja-Uganda you will become part of a large network of people involved in sustainable development and global grassroots initiatives through Foundation for Sustainable Community Based Development. We are thrilled to have you on our team!
Your placement with FSD Jinja-Uganda is tentative until you confirm your participation with us. To confirm, fill out the confirmation form and submit your first payment towards your program fees. Your confirmation deposit will be $300
All payments can be made by depositing funds on FSD Jinja-Uganda bank account. Upon request, we will send you all details FSD Jinja-Uganda bank information.
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About FSD

FSD Jinja-Uganda provides opportunities for students and professionals to engage in structured community development work. The programs are designed to help build careers while having lasting impact on the people in the community which is served

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Phone: +256-772989971

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