FSD Sustainable Community Based Development Internships and Volunteering, including language and cultural immersion, all begin at the start dates that are open and flexible through out the year . If you are interested in participating in Global Service Trips, start dates are also flexible.

Please contact FSD directly for information on when you opt to start your internship or volunteering at fsduganda2018@gmail.com   

Application procedure


Start your application by choosing your preferred volunteer or internship program type then click the link for the application form below.


Once we have received your application, we will schedule an interview to learn more about you and your objectives for this experience as well as clarify expectations


After acceptance, you will be placed with a host organization or local community that reflects your volunteer or internship interests.



Application forms

In-Person Volunteer & Internship application form


Virtual Volunteer & Internship application form


Program Highlights

  • Gain an enriched understanding of sustainable community-based development and what qualities and characteristics make a project sustainable.
  • Develop an understanding of the unique capacity of grassroots development spearheaded by the community itself. You will experience asset-rich communities full of opportunities despite challenges brought on by growth and development.
  • Identify values, norms, and behaviors in a different cultural environment. You will learn to adapt and begin integration into this new culture from day one.
  • Design a sustainable developmental project with support and tools from staff and the community.
  • Understand basic methods of project monitoring and evaluation, including both qualitative and quantitative indicators.

Alumni Experiences

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