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Khantey Lim

I really do appreciate this FSD Jinja Virtual Internship Program. I remembered that the reason that I applied for the GESI program in the first place was to reconnect within myself the passion that I have for community building projects. And I am super grateful that FSD’s core values align with ones of my own, especially in terms of community-lead projects and the sustainability aspect of it. This allows me to wholeheartedly pursue this project without feeling contradicted with my own values in any way. I also like the fact that we are getting trained on the whole process of community assessment, work plan, budget plan and monitoring and evaluation. These are going to be something that I will bring along with me when going through with future projects. The best part of the program was definitely working closely with the community. From seeing the students touching the computers for the first time to producing their own movie was very touching. It’s very empowering, not only to the students, but also me as well. As I am also envisioning myself going back to Cambodia and changing the education system there, I’d definitely look back at this experience and remember all the perseverance, flexibility, collaboration and resourcefulness that everyone has!


Name: Khantey Lim

Project: Multimedia digital skills learning project for students at Johnhill Senior Secondary School

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