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Ipsita K

The FSD Jinja Virtual Internship program was incredible, and helpful in a variety of different ways. To begin with, I was so grateful to be able to spend time with the community, and learn more about Ugandan culture, which is something I was worried might not happen given the virtual format. Being able to interact with the community, and especially the students, and learn about what was important to them was easily the best part (but I definitely also loved being welcomed into the host family’s home during the cultural session). In terms of professional development, I learned a lot about what exactly sustainability looks like and how that needs to be enacted. This experience definitely stressed the importance of community involvement, and constantly remaining in conversation with the community to do work that would help them and is wanted by them. More personally, this experience stressed humility and the importance of listening to others. This experience has taught me a lot of skills I can carry over the work I do more regularly, but has also made me more interested in the field of nonprofit work, which is not an avenue I previously considered all that much.

Name: Ipsita K

Project: Multimedia digital skills learning project for students at Johnhill Senior Secondary School

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