Ellie Thomson

Through this experience, I was able to gain a deeper appreciation for community-centered development. It is important for any developmental project, in any part of the world, to be centered around community wants and needs. This awareness was mirrored in FSD and KORD’s approach to the Buyala Village water rehabilitation project from the very beginning. We were taught the significance of listening to the community through completing a community assessment and involving the community throughout work planning, budgeting, and project implementation. For me, the most important thing I learned from my time with FSD and KORD is the importance of community investment in projects. It is easy to want to supply all materials to a community when implementing developmental projects, but through FSD and KORD’s approach of encouraging the community to donate their own time and resources, community members become more invested in not only the project itself, but its continuation and long-term sustainability. By centering the Buyala Village community members in this way, our project is more likely to be sustainable as the Water User Committee and general population of the Buyala Village were involved throughout the entirety of the water rehabilitation project


Name: Ellie Thomson - Northwestern University

Project: Rehabilitation of the open water spring project to provide clean and safe water in Buyala village