Anna Wcislak

I have truly enjoyed my experience with the FSD Jinja Virtual Internship Program this summer and can confidently say that it has been greatly beneficial to both my personal and professional development. The best part of the entire experience has been all the effort put in by both FSD and KORD in making sure the program is just as fulfilling as it would have been in person; being able to speak to members of the community we were working in, getting tours of the village and the site of the spring, getting a cultural lesson from a host family, and having regular buddy chats all made me feel like I was being integrated into FSD family and getting a taste of life in Uganda. Being able to directly see the impact we were making and hearing how grateful the community was for understanding their priorities was without a doubt the most rewarding part of this internship.


This internship was my first experience working in the sustainable development sector and it has taught me so much about the importance of community-based global health projects. While I have been learning about all of the pitfalls that can come with international development projects, this program has also shown me that there are ways to implement positive change and I know that I will be able to take these lessons with me in my future endeavors.


Name: Anna Wcislak - Northwestern University

Project: Rehabilitation of the open water spring project to provide clean and safe water in Buyala village