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Lami Zhang


I am extremely grateful to staff members of FSD and Nakanyonyi SACCO for providing such a unique learning experience and for being so flexible with the time zone difference, our varying schedules, and internet connectivity issues. I started the internship with the understanding that the virtual format would compromise a lot of the direct community interactions and cultural immersion that would normally be present during an in person internship in Uganda. However, the planned community assessments, meetings with SACCO staff, and virtual tours around Jinja and a Ugandan home all helped make this virtual experience very meaningful and educational. The community assessments were especially impactful. Learning about the financial backgrounds and practices of the women entrepreneurs in the community deepened my knowledge of women’s economic empowerment efforts in Uganda and the various challenges that women entrepreneurs owners face, both within their businesses and their homes. I have truly learned so much from the members of FSD and Nakanyonyi about microfinance organizations and non-profit work in general, and I am excited to apply this knowledge to all my future endeavors in development work.


Name: Lami Zhang

Project: Cultivating financial literacy and business knowledge in the community served by Nakanyonyi SACCO

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