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Angshu Dey


I thought the virtual internship was a rewarding experience and this is largely due to the efforts of the FSD and the Nakanyonyi SACCO staff. I wanted to express my gratitude to members of both organizations, along with everyone else I met during the internship for creating such a wonderful environment. The best part of the internship was learning about the culture and traditions of Uganda through the different workshops and sessions. In our first session, Kenneth took us around Jinja and showed us the neighboring area surrounding Nakanyonyi SACCO. It was exciting to see the different landmarks in the area, and learn more about life in the town. In addition, the Buddy Chats were quite enjoyable, as our buddy, Ken, discussed anecdotes from his life as a college student in Kampala. On the professional and personal fronts, I developed better communication skills and learned a lot about microfinance. Before the internship, I thought the main issue regarding microfinance was access, but it has become clear to me that the problems are more nuanced. Lastly, I believe this internship has widened my horizon and enabled me to look at problems from a broader perspective.




Name: Angshu Dey

Project: Cultivating financial literacy and business knowledge in the community served by Nakanyonyi SACCO


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