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Alexander Gallard


The experience offered by the FSD Jinja Virtual Internship Program has been far more immersive and impactful than I ever imagined a virtual experience could be. The mix of the interactions with the community alongside independent cultural sessions made the experience incredibly educational and left me with a deep sense of empowerment in my capacity to help our host organization. By far, my favorite experience has been the interactions that have occurred between my intern team and the Nakanyonyi SACCO community. Our last interaction, an opportunity to teach business skills to the Nakanyonyi SACCO community was particularly meaningful. A culmination of our research into the business skills in need in this community and the cultural context that we were working in, all done in the company of the most wonderful community members we could have asked for. In many ways, this experience demanded that I act as somewhat of a cultural detective, taking the context of the culture into account when evaluating the problem and subsequently developing a solution. Albeit challenging, I believe this approach to problem solving is very representative of the way in which I will be approaching problems in my career and outside of my career, truly skills that will aid in any problem solving domain that I encounter in my life.


Name: Alexander Gallard

Project: Cultivating financial literacy and business knowledge in the community served by Nakanyonyi SACCO


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