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Amy Kent


Overall, I really enjoyed the FSD Jinja Virtual Internship Program. I think that my favorite part of the experience was actually the FSD cultural session where we toured around the house of a local family. Additionally, I loved hearing the testimonials from the women in the community about how the SACCO can better address their needs and aid their entrepreneurial efforts. I would have loved to interact with FSD, Nakanyonyi SACCO staff, and community members much more frequently than we did. However, that being said, the early mornings for me due to the time difference were extremely brutal. This experience allowed me to learn a lot about entrepreneurship and finance which, as a result, will aid my endeavors both personally and professionally as a future business owner. This experience has humbled me and allowed me to learn and grow as an individual and I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in such a meaningful project.



Name: Amy Kent - Northwestern University

Project: Cultivating financial literacy and business knowledge in the community served by Nakanyonyi SACCO

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