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Arielle Menasce Traub


The FSD Jinja Virtual Experience Program was one of the most insightful experiences I have had in recent years. I have learned skills and approaches to problems that I otherwise would not have considered. One of my fondest memories of this experience was to see the excitement of the grandmothers when they learned how to make soap. Their enthusiasm and willingness to learn validated the work that my team has put into the project throughout the quarter. This experience has taught me to develop a holistic approach when solving problems, as well as focus on the context of the situation to provide solutions that can be as accessible to as many people as possible. During the internship, we had to understand the needs of the community as well as consider multiple perspectives when completing work, which has provided me with skills which are applicable for my personal and professional development. Despite the challenges that come with doing a remote internship, the overall experience was incredibly invaluable and has certainly left a lasting impact on me.


Name: Arielle Menasce Traub - NorthWestern University

Project: Improving Water Sanitation with emphasis on hand washing among Grandmother households

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