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Zoe Golub


I have had a great time interning for FSD and St. Francis these past months and am so grateful to have had the opportunity to interact with and learn from leaders in the community we worked with in Uganda. I appreciated the challenges working remotely and collaboratively with a team of students and community members, and over time, I feel I have strengthened my communication and leadership skills. I especially enjoyed working cross-culturally and applying skills and ideologies from the classroom to the real world. Talking with local community members, particularly grandmothers, was especially rewarding and fascinating to see our project successfully implemented and received by the community. The skills I gained working in international development through this internship, including problem-solving, cultural immersion, and capacity building for public health problems, will help me in my future as I look for a career in global health, global development, or policymaking. This virtual FSD Jinja experience ultimately will make a lasting impact on my life and will be an experience I cherish forever.


Name: Zoe Golub - Northwestern University

Project: Improving Water Sanitation with emphasis on hand washing among Grandmother households


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