Raven T Sutton

I am so impressed with this program. It was an absolute pleasure being a part of this project and working with FSD and KORD. The best parts of this project were working with a community in Uganda and learning about the culture. To see a community come together and invest time and labor to revitalize something like the community water source is a pure source of inspiration for me. It was honoring for me to be a part of, and I really enjoyed working with the community and colleagues.This project has benefitted me greatly in trying to continue my work in this type of work and I know the skills and experience I gained here will promote my success in this pursuit. I am very excited to continue my work in this field and to some day visit Uganda. Many thanks to all who were involved and support me through this effort. This experience will be with me always and I would highly recommend this program to many.


Name: Raven T Sutton

Project: Water is life project in Lubani village


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