Ese-Onosen Omoijuanfo

This was an amazing experience. Overall, I was very satisfied with this experience. I felt as though I was able to learn a lot about the non-profit even though it was a virtual experience. I feel that participating in this internship allowed me to acquire invaluable skills necessary for the more virtual era that we have entered. I acquired real experience with forming a work plan and working to implement it within the community. I enjoyed working with the other members of my team. They were all hard workers, passionate about what we were doing, and very easy to work with. We were efficient and good at communicating with each other. I think that throughout the program we got better at communicating and collaborating. Even with the loss of time that occurred with the internet being disabled, I feel that this was a rich experience. I particularly enjoyed our buddy chats during which I felt like I was able to connect with and learn more about the Uganda culture from a contemporary peer.



Name: Ese-Onosen Omoijuanfo - Notre Dame University

Project: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Project


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