Isabelle Lukau

I truly enjoyed partaking in this internship. It taught me a myriad of skills that I hope to implement in future international development endeavors. Despite the unforeseen circumstances that occurred, it taught me a valuable lesson about learning how to be flexible and adaptable.During this internship, my favorite experiences were the cultural workshops and the buddy chats. It was quite enjoyable to have such immersive experiences with Ugandan culture and get to know some of the Ugandan culture through the lens of people our age. I thoroughly enjoyed learning the Lugandan language because this was another element of immersing myself into Ugandan culture. The main takeaways from this experience is how important people are in making an experience. I was fortunate enough to have a great team to work with and an understanding and helpful supervisor who helped my team and I immerse ourselves into the community. Additionally, each cultural workshop was enjoyable and the presenters were welcoming and made each element of Ugandan culture intriguing and enjoyable.


Name: Isabelle Lukau - Notre Dame University

Project: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Project


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