Alexandra DeAngelis

Overall, the FSD Jinja Virtual Internship Program was extremely rewarding. I was initially worried that the virtual format would prevent me from interacting directly with the community members, and although it was certainly different from in-person interactions, communicating directly with the young women in the community was one of the best parts of the experience. The needs assessment was especially interesting because we were able to determine how we could best help the women improve their menstrual health by listening to their concerns and gaining knowledge about the stigmas and challenges that women face regarding menstruation. This internship has been my first experience in sustainable development, and it has increased my awareness of underserved communities and inspired me to relate my experiences here to other global health issues. The focus on menstrual health in Uganda has made me more appreciative of the resources to which I have access in America and has furthered my interest in global and women’s health. I have acquired valuable teamwork and communication skills that I hope to apply to my work not only at Notre Dame, but also in my future endeavors.


Name: Alexandra DeAngelis - Notre Dame University

Project: Malindi girls menstrual health project

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