Working remotely on this project has highlighted the importance of asking questions, researching, and getting creative with my community engagement. It was hard to not be on the ground to witness UAOWF and come to my own conclusions; at the same time, I think I approached this problem in a way that was less shaped by my own perceptions and stereotypes. I only wish that we had more time. I wish we could have developed the curriculum more to include more sessions and topics, and to also tailor the contents more to the community. Because we did not have personal relationships with the women of UAOWF, it was hard at times to present material without knowing how (or if) it would resonate with them. I also wish we had more time to fit our curriculum into the existing resources UAOWF uses to prepare the women for saving. I am excited to see where their joint venture goes, and I hope having twenty people running a business isn’t too ambitious! I had a fabulous experience with FSD and learned a lot from our sessions together. I have really enjoyed getting to know the FSD team and hope to stay in touch in the future. I can see why Uganda is considered the nicest country in Africa!



Name: Campbell - Northwestern University

Project: Empowering women with personal finance literacy Skills

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