Lilly Settel

Our work with FSD and St. Francis has provided a great opportunity for learning about development through hands-on work. In addition to our classes at Northwestern, the FSD internship allowed us to actually take part in the systems and projects that we have learned about. My favorite parts of the internship were getting to meet the community members. Although it was difficult to conduct the internship virtually, we still loved meeting everybody and getting to learn more about their lives. Additionally, working with Maurine, Dan, and the rest of the FSD team was wonderful. I especially enjoyed when Maurine brought us to her home for the supplementary session and taught us about food, culture, and life in Uganda.

As a global health major, getting the opportunity to learn about development work from experts in the field was amazing. Our orientation sessions with the FSD team were extremely valuable in helping to teach us about important aspects of international development. Furthermore, working with St. Francis and the community provided an experience to actually use our skills and create a successful project. This has undoubtedly helped me in my personal and professional development by teaching me skills in budgeting, work planning, communication, and project development that I will use in all aspects of life. Personally, I have gained experiences, knowledge, and opportunities that will stay with me for a long time.



Name: Lilly Settel - Northwestern University

Project : Food security and Nutrition Project




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