Hanqueen Wu

Participating in Virtual GESI 2020 is one of the most valuable choices that I made this year. During ten-week cooperation with SME and FSD Uganda, I learned lots of things -- from a non-profit organization's working logic to some detailed questions that those who work in any communities should always think about. The first thing is about the 'needs' that the community wants versus the 'needs' we think they might want. While measuring real, prioritized issues waiting to be solved, we should not see the problems from our perspectives. We are here to help them, not to speak for them. Moreover, positionality is a crucial topic that we keep reminding ourselves, especially in the process we planned for the training session. We are not professional teachers or trainers; hence the teaching methods should be carefully modified. That's because it must not be like the style as a college lecture or a very formal business masterclass. We have to come up with more lively activities within it. And the business strategies we are going to talk about should be practical in their circumstance. In addition, sometimes visual-based elements might achieve better echoes and love. Besides, the whole program is a fantastic opportunity to educate ourselves. Before we started working, we learned about local culture, historical background, and social basics. Language is also a precious gift from the program. Focusing on the project we've done, the development and empowerment of local women entrepreneurship, our women entrepreneurs, and we are growing up together in the sphere of business.



Name: Hanqueen Wu - Northwestern University

Project: Increasing Business Collaboration skills of women in Mukisa Women’s Group



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