Margot Bartol

Coming into this program I was not entirely sure what to expect from a virtual international internship. I can now concretely say that although it came with its challenges, I feel that I have been able to make connections and have an experience that will stick with me for a very long time. Although the virtual environment made it difficult to fully connect with the community members, I was able to learn from my fellow interns, our supervisor, and FSD staff, on what sustainable development can legitimately look like. Personally, this experience showed me the impact one group of people can have on the community and humbled me greatly. Professionally, interning through FSD has taught me how to quickly adapt to a new situation and find meaning and grounding through my work team. I believe that this experience will affect my life by continuing to show me the ability one individual has to impact people and by allowing me to engage with the vibrant community that is the Mukisa loan group. At its core, I believe this experience has shown me the opportunities available for transformation and change within society, and that connections can be created from anywhere, with anyone.

Name: Margot Bartol - Northwestern Uganda

Project: Increasing Business Collaboration skills of women in Mukisa Women’s Group

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