Foundation for Sustainable Community Based Development (FSD/ Uganda) is a former Site Team for the Foundation for Sustainable Development- in San Francisco USA (FSD-USA).  Founded by Dr. Alicia Robb in 1995 (see founder’s story), FSD-USA supported global service learning programs to grassroot local communities in Africa, Latin America and India for over 22 years (1995-2018). The Uganda site team was opened in 2007 and has been vibrant under the mentorship of FSD-USA for the last 11years.   In 2018, the FSD-USA Board mandated the international site teams to decentralize and assume autonomous status to carry forward the Vision and Mission of FSD-USA in respective countries.   FSD Uganda site team then evolved into the Foundation for Sustainable Community Based Development.  FSD Uganda is registered as a corporate non-profit development organization in Uganda (No.80020001393211). FSD Uganda is committed to continue the FSD-USA development model to provide volunteer opportunities for professionals and students of all skill levels who are interested in supporting grassroot and international development; And to support locally managed grassroot organizations that are working to improve the welfare of marginalized communities in Uganda.

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FSD Jinja-Uganda provides opportunities for students and professionals to engage in structured community development work. The programs are designed to help build careers while having lasting impact on the people in the community which is served

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