FSD Staff Team

Margaret Nassozi Amanyire Executive Director

Margaret is a development worker with over twenty years of experience working with communities to cause social development. She served as a Civil Servant with the Ministry of Gender and Community Development in Uganda, addressing issues of culture, women and gender, as well as youth and development; and as a District Community Development Officer in Western Uganda before joining the Civil Society fraternity in 1998. She has coordinated civil society networks in Western Uganda; worked as a consultant for the European Union on the Human Rights and Good Governance Program; worked in a team of consultants for CARE International to evaluate the impact of the Rights Equity and Protected Areas (REPA) Program that supported poor ethnic minority groups and landless or near landless people in Southwest Uganda. She has worked for the Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD), a USA-based not-for-profit charitable organization as its Program Director in Uganda for eleven years. Under this docket, she has facilitated community-based organizations and global volunteers/Interns to mutually advance global educational service exchange in the context of promoting Sustainable community-based development in Uganda. She is the Executive Director for the Foundation for Sustainable Community Based Development, a Ugandan Indigenous Non-Governmental Organization promoting sustainable community-based development in a global/international context.  Margaret holds a Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies from Nkumba University Uganda, a Commonwealth Diploma in Youth and Development from the Commonwealth Youth Program Africa Centre in association with the University of Zambia, and a Diploma in Performing Arts from Makerere University, Uganda. Margaret views new assignments as learning experiences and keeps alert to new learning opportunities.  She has a passion for children and young adults




  Dan Mugisa Byenkya Program coordinator/Interns & Volunteer support

Dan is a development worker with more than 8 years of experience and a digital business entrepreneur. He is the Program Coordinator for the Foundation for Sustainable Community Based Development (FSD Jinja Uganda); providing support to ensure the maintenance and development of the organization's programs.  He gives programmatic support to community-based host organizations, the communities, and the FSD Jinja- Uganda Interns/participants to evolve and produce high-quality sustainable community-based projects while giving students hands-on experience in doing sustainable development work. He is the Marketing and Outreach Manager, responsible for the management of IT support to the Organisation; the social media, and the development of strategies for networking and information sharing.  Dan and a team of FSD Jinja Uganda employees designed and implemented the Virtual Community Based Development internship program to counteract the COVID-19 restrictions. Prior to joining FSD Jinja Uganda, Dan co-founded the Foundation for Community Utilization of Sustainable Empowerment and Development organization (FOCUSED), a community-based organization in Kasese District, whose mission is to provide support to local communities in Uganda to sustainably engender their development for self-sustenance.  Dan runs Shakes Digital,  a digital agency that provides digital web solutions for people with digital demands to complement their everyday digital lifestyle. His career goal is to be the next-generation global development leader with a focus on contributing to poverty reduction, which is the greatest shared common global problem that hinders societal growth and development. He strives to provide leadership that empowers young people to evolve innovative solutions that can transform their lives and their communities.U 


Yusuf Omoding - Assistant Program Coordinator Volunteer and Intern Support 

Omoding Yusuf has an IT diploma from African Ark College of Management Sciences and is an IT enthusiast. He has a strong work ethic, is proficient at multitasking and has hands-on experience. Yusuf formerly worked as a super mapper at Rwazi-Inc and his duties included collecting data, doing research, interviewing individuals and groups. He also operated machines like bottle washers, packers, unpackers and fillers as a temporary machine operator at Nile breweries LTD under Q-sourcing. Yusuf is passionate about social work and community development. He founded Abalondemu Youth Group, a savings group committed to helping Uganda's youth fight poverty and gain employable and marketable skills. By empowering young people to achieve financial independence and improve their quality of life, Yusuf has shown his dedication to making a positive impact at the grassroots level. He is grateful to the management of FSD Jinja Uganda for allowing him to demonstrate his sustainable community development skills and knowledge, as well as providing valuable learning opportunities. In his free time, Yusuf enjoys playing football, spending time with friends and family, listening to music and reading novels. 


Micheal Mbabazi - Program Administrator and Data Consultant

Mbabazi Micheal hails from Mbarara district in western Uganda. He recently completed his Bachelor of Business Administration degree, specializing in accounting, at the Makerere University Business School (MUBS). Micheal is a driven individual with excellent teamwork and leadership skills, who aspires to gain valuable experience in accounting and advance his career.  Micheal's educational background, having obtained a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with an accounting option, provides him with a strong foundation in business concepts, financial analysis, and accounting principles. This makes him an excellent fit for roles in finance, administration, or accounting at FSD. He welcomed the opportunity to work at FSD as an administrator and Data consultant, as that was an opportunity to help him build on his financial management skills. Furthermore, his spirit of teamwork and leadership indicates that he is an individual who thrives in team-based environments where collaboration is essential to success.

Outside his career Michael is passionate about fitness where engages in aerobics. He loves soccer, meeting new people and he is very outgoing.