Our Approach


Our approach focuses on mobilizing resources—human, economic, and natural—for sustainable, life-changing initiatives. We use an asset-based community development approach that encourages self-reliance and inspires appreciation of existing resources in the community and the confidence to build upon them. We constantly challenge ourselves and others to do more with what we have. We believe that with an attitude of resourcefulness, positive change is possible even in low-resource settings.

We believe that the power to end poverty and achieve sustainable prosperity is in people. Every person can make a difference. Every person is powerful and has something to contribute. When people work together, they are even more powerful. We are committed to uniting people for the common good.

We facilitate change by:  bringing together community voices ; ongoing efforts of local groups and organizations; identifying local resources in the community and connecting all the aforementioned with international students, professionals and donors who want to make a difference. Since better results come from working together, we strive to combine diverse experiences, talents, and perspectives to make outcomes stronger. We believe that respecting diverse perspectives is critical for constructive dialogue and meaningful progress.   We deliberately seek out those perspectives and engage the community in dialogue about important issues. We put our heads together, with the community at the lead, to address issues and bring solutions into reality in a sustainable and locally appropriate way.